Roger Dodger

Roger Dodger

2002 • R • Comedy, Drama, Romance

An ad exec attempts to teach his nephew the ways of women.

WHY WE PICKED IT: Jesse Eisenberg and writer/director Dylan Kidd both made their film debut in this battle of the sexes comedy with witty wordplay to spare.

Cynical New York ad man Roger Swanson is convinced he’s mastered the art of manipulating women, but his confidence is shaken when his boss, Joyce, unceremoniously ends their clandestine affair. His teenaged nephew, Nick, shows up unannounced the next day asking for a crash course in getting girls, and Roger complies, only to find his once seemingly foolproof methods beginning to unravel.

DIRECTOR: Dylan Kidd

CAST: Jennifer Beals, Elizabeth Berkley, Jesse Eisenberg, Isabella Rossellini, Campbell Scott

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Roger Dodger
  • Roger Dodger

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